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Yield: An Invitation for Ash Wednesday

None of us like to suffer.  None of us willingly embrace struggles.  None of us freely choose to deny ourselves that which we most desire. We just don't.  The happy, successful, easy, self-fulfilled life is what we eagerly seek, long for, and even expect.  All too often the entire trajectory of our lives reverts to simply avoiding pain and attaining self-importance.  Day after day we … [Read more...]

Imagining God

I catch the glimmer in his eye as he beckons me closer.  A smile spreads across his face as I take a step, first one, then another, and draw near.  For a moment I pause, questioning where we are going and even where we exactly are.  The landscape is daunting, unfamiliar and challenging.  "Come," he motions, sweeping his arm in the direction of an ill-defined trail winding itself up an … [Read more...]

Getting to Know God behind the Shower Curtain

Yesterday's post, "Talking to God behind the Shower Curtain," began a discussion of my early morning shower reflections.  In it I looked at the types of prayers we offer to God.... My reflections in the shower, however, went much further than just the types of prayers I pray.  I recognized and understood at a entirely new level four key attributes of God and His character - … [Read more...]

Talking to God behind the Shower Curtain

As I stood in the shower this morning (yes, still with a backwards shower curtain!), I had no less than five small-to-medium-sized interruptions barge into my bathroom to tell or ask me some vitally important bit of information. Kia, age 6, who had been tasked with cleaning crayon drawings off his bedroom wall came in first, third and fifth - all with the same report.  "I can't get … [Read more...]

Hidden Challenges: Two Views

She moved more slowly, or maybe more awkwardly than you remember.  As she walked across the room, you noticed a hesitancy, a wobble, a strange hitch to her step.  Is that a limp you've never seen before? Her speech seemed a little slower, a little slurred, a little less distinct than last time you heard her.  And then she strangely called the local grocery store by the wrong name, and … [Read more...]