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Rediscovering Christmas Truths…Behind the Locked Gate

As Christmas draws near, churches around the country celebrate the glorious day with special worship gatherings.  Disco balls for Jesus at Journey Church, little kids singing sweet songs in Glendive and a church in Washington that raised the spirits of a sad heart.  Each service unique and specially designed to once again tell the story of a baby's birth that changed the world.  Each … [Read more...]

Extreme Shepherding: Seeing and Believing like the Shepherds

Have you watched the "Extreme Shepherding" video that has become so popular in the past few days?  Take a look..... Every time I watch that video I'm amazed.  And, I can't help but think of the first "Extreme Shepherding" that occurred in the first-century.  It didn't involve LED lights, video cameras or any other technology, but I can imagine the sight … [Read more...]

The Post No One Will Ever Read

Here it is, the eve of the end of the world, December 20, 2012.  It's mysterious to me why I sit, yet again in front of this computer screen, attempting to coalesce a few hundred words together into a coherent essay.  Why bother on this night, for surely this will be the post no one will ever read. But alas, I find myself with nothing else better to do.  Sure, the house needs cleaning … [Read more...]

Happy to Hear “Happy Holidays”

We have ten kids in our family.  And since I homeschool them, they're all home quite a bit when they're not volunteering, working, playing sports or doing other extra-curricular activities. With that many personalities in one house, you can well imagine then that misunderstandings, spats, kerfluffles and even arguments might occasionally occur.  And when they do, the kids know well … [Read more...]

Finding the Missing God

I was a 5th grader at McDonald Elementary School in Moscow, Idaho.  I was in the middle of my awkward stage - a stage my mother assured me every child went through.  My stage just happened to be a little more problematic, a little more prolonged and a little more pronounced than everyone else's. The homework from music class was fairly straightforward on that fateful day.  Bring a … [Read more...]