God on my Doorstep

God showed up on my doorstep early Sunday night. He stood outside the door for quite awhile, unsure whether to come in, or just run away. God had stringy, sweaty blond hair that surrounded her dirty, chubby, cherubic face. Tears rolled down her face, sobs convulsed through her body. "Hi there sweetie," I said, looking around for an adult who was accompanying this beautiful … [Read more...]

Is today Orphan Monday?

With tears streaming down my face, I listened, worshiped, and prayed with people from 24+ countries around the world in thousands of congregations during the live webcast sponsored by Christian Alliance for Orphans.  Weighing heavy on each of our hearts were the known and nameless, near and distant orphans of the world - the 145 million children - facing uncertain futures with no mom, no … [Read more...]

A response to 9/11

Where were you on 9/11/01 - a day, that for our generation, will live in infamy? Approaching the 10th anniversary of that awful day, a day when extreme evil was perpetrated against our country and her people, that “Where were you?” question has echoed in coffee shops and locker rooms, along dusty country roads and around dining room tables. Where were you? And yet, no matter where we … [Read more...]

Dedicated to Dima

It began as an inkling, an interest, a possibility, but developed and grew until their hearts beat boldly with conviction; their souls brimmed with love. He was their son and yet he lived not in their home. While he played unknowingly in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, they prayed intentionally in Ocala, Florida. Jenny and Eric enjoyed, even embraced, what they considered a complete happy existence … [Read more...]

Conquering death – changing lives

"Living He loved me - Dying He saved me - Buried He carried my sins far away - Rising He justified freely forever - One day He's coming - O glorious day!" Until that glorious day comes, we can yet celebrate that He is alive and lives even today.  He is risen - He is risen indeed!  Death could not hold our Saviour and so we rejoice and follow a living God. But His resurrection is … [Read more...]