Holy Spirit on the Move

Let me tell you a little story about how the Holy Spirit moves and works.  What I’m going to tell you is neither new nor unknown.  It is, however, surprising and amazing, and if you’re anything like me, encouraging.

Coffee, Cup and BeansYesterday morning as I was gathering my clothes for the day, I bent over to pick up a belt.  As I bent down, a friend’s name immediately and randomly popped in my mind.  I don’t know what I was thinking about before.  Let’s be serious.  It was early in the morning.  I hadn’t had coffee or a shower.  I wasn’t thinking.  My mind was basically blank.

But without intent or provocation – at least external provocation – I immediately began thinking about this friend.  As I did, I stopped for a moment and prayed for her.  Nothing too profound.  I was still operating in the no-coffee-no-shower-mode.  But I prayed.  It couldn’t have been more than five minutes, and probably quite a bit less.

And then I went about my day.

A couple times throughout the day I thought of my friend again, thinking I should send her a quick email to say that I was thinking of and praying for her.  But I forgot.  Even after a coffee and shower.

But today I remembered and shot off a quick email.  35 words.  That’s all it was.  I wrote:

Hi Friend!

I just wanted to drop you a note that God brought you to mind yesterday morning.  I was thinking about and praying for you.  Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

That’s it.  Simple and straight-forward.

Well, maybe not quite so straight-forward.  If I was truly honest, I struggled a bit figuring out exactly how to word the “God brought you to mind” bit.  I call myself a pastor.  But I still struggle sometimes attributing certain things to God.  I shouldn’t, I know.  It’s not that I don’t believe it was him.  I know it was.  After all, only God can intrude in my no-coffee-no-shower, barely operating, morning brain.  But boldly declaring “God told me” or “God led me” or “God said ____” sounds a bit presumptuous, or cocky, or bold.  I’m not sure what.  I’ll work on it.

But I digress.

I heard back from my friend within just a few hours.  Her email was just as short but incredibly affirming.  She wrote:

Thanks, Kristen.

I never cease to be amazed and encouraged by how the Holy Spirit works.  Your prayers were needful and greatly appreciated.

Isn’t that amazing?  God brought a friend to mind and I prayed.  And at that moment, she was needing those prayers.  This shouldn’t shock me, but it always does.  And today’s confirmation of trusting God-promptings isn’t new.  It’s happened before.  And yet, every time I am, as my friend said, amazed and encouraged.

I can’t explain it.  I don’t understand it.  And to be honest, I’m not sure I want to.  But, the Holy Spirit is indeed on the move.  He always has been, and will continue to be.  The next time a random person comes to mind, even – or especially – when you’re in that no-coffee-no-shower daze, take note.  Stop and pray.  And then let them know.

You just never know what you’re being invited to be part of.  When the Holy Spirit is part of it – anything can happen!

Who was God brought to your mind lately?  And how have you responded?