Imagining God

I catch the glimmer in his eye as he beckons me closer.  A smile spreads across his face as I take a step, first one, then another, and draw near.  For a moment I pause, questioning where we are going and even where we exactly are.  The landscape is daunting, unfamiliar and challenging.  “Come,” he motions, sweeping his arm in the direction of an ill-defined trail winding itself up an imposing hill.

Wrestling inwardly with his invitation, I vacillate between shouting, “I’ll race you to the top!” and lamenting my p0or preparation for such a journey.  “I’m not ready for this adventure,” I silently protest, imagining the challenges that we would soon face.  The internal debate cuts short as I glance again at my guide and companion, and see his outstretched nail-pierced hand still pointing the way.

With the words and excuses caught in my throat and my high expectations of success quietly quelled in my soul, I nod, reaching for his hand.  His hand envelops mine, and his gentle, yet strong, embrace gives me courage to begin the long climb.

The path that lies ahead is well-marked and well-worn at first, yet quickly becomes overrun with weeds, rocks, and half-hidden holes.  After several minutes of walking in silence, I turn to ask the question that has been bellowing in my head.  “Where….?”  He slightly turns his head, and again I catch that glimmer – a spark of excitement and joy surrounded by comforting assurance.  “Look!” he simply declares.

I glance in the direction he points, and witness a lush valley filled with abundance and beauty.  The scene soon slips out of sight as the trail, now nothing more than a faint path, winds around the corner into the shadows.  And so it continues for many miles.  We walk; I question; he provides a brief glimpse of beauty that encourages, uplifts and awakens my senses to beauty, actualized beyond anything I had before seen.

Suddenly our pace slows, and I look up to realize we have crested the top of the hill.  Already out of breath from the taxing trek up the trail, I catch my breath.  As far as I can see lies an exquisite landscape dotted with grace and beauty.  Relishing in arriving, I turn to thank him, only to hear, “This, this is where we are headed.”


What is your image of God right now?  What current picture best describes where you find yourself with God?  I was posed these questions today and given a short time to write a response.  This is mine.  What is yours?