Why DCW?

Last week at this time I found myself at the WinShape Retreat Center on the beautiful campus of Berry College in Rome, Georgia.  I, along with 35 others, was attending a Dynamic Communicators Workshop with comedian Ken Davis.  Without sounding overly dramatic, this 4-day workshop was one of the best things I’ve done in my “professional” life.  Making the financial and time commitment to attend was significant, but it was without a doubt worth it.

In fact, I would be so bold as to suggest that if you use communication skills in your profession or personal life – in any way – you too should make the same commitment.  The DCW workshop will be held again in October 2011 in Vail, CO and I promise you will not be disappointed.  By attending DCW you will have the opportunity to experience these three benefits:

Skills – Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a hesitant beginner, DCW teaches a powerfully effective, yet simple, approach to organizing and planning your speeches.  You’ll learn from the best like Ken Davis, Stacey Foster and Curtis Fletcher.  You’ll learn both the science and art of communication.  The skills you walk away with will guide you not only in formal and informal speech settings, but writing as well.

Growth – DCW is about more than just acquiring knowledge.  Not only do you learn new skills, but you’re pushed and encouraged to try them out – daily!  Every participant is placed in a small group with a coach for the entirety of the workshop.  In these small groups you give three five-minute speeches, and then are evaluated, encouraged and pushed.  While not always comfortable, and possibly a little stressful, the speeches are great opportunities for growth.  I was pushed, cajoled, stretched and pushed some more by my coach Curtis Fletcher.  He pushed to make me better – and I even found myself asking to be pushed harder.  People say “practice makes perfect” which may well be (eventually) true, but at DCW, practice in a safe setting with the committed encouragement of a knowledgeable coach is what produces growth.

Connections – The first two benefits alone – skills and growth – would make attending DCW worth it by itself.  But the final benefit of participating in the workshop was phenomenal!  Where else can you go and interact informally with internationally-known high caliber speakers, CEOs of large publishing companies, Women of Faith speakers, professional comedians, dynamic pastors and missionaries, life coaches, authors and more?  What a blessing and unprecedented opportunity to meet, share with and get to know people from a wide variety of business and ministry settings!  I look forward now to further developing these relationships and watching how the Lord will utilize these connections for His work!

Skills…Growth…Connections.  Three amazing benefits you can experience simply by attending a Dynamic Communicators Workshop.  Interested?  Even if you’re slightly intrigued, I’d encourage you to be courageous and register today at the DCW Website!  In fact, if you register by May 14th using “DCW11” as the coupon code, you’ll even get $300 off the registration fee!

How do you use communication in your life?  How might the benefits of skills, growth and connections impact your life and ministry?