Wrestling between Responsibility and Recreation

Saturday began with the same wrestling match that challenges me every weekend.  The I’ve-been-home-all-week-me lobbied quite convincingly that the day should be filled with going and doing something.  It didn’t really matter what, but the something was to be out of the house, preferably out of town, and having nothing to do with seminary homework, homeschooling, mom duties or pastoral responsibilities that had filled the week.

The fun-and-sponaneous-me faced off with the responsible-me, though, in the wrestling match.  Laundry needed to be done.  The war zone and dumping ground, formerly known as the master bedroom, desperately needed cleaning.  Reading and writing had to get finished.  And final sermon prep couldn’t be ignored.

In the end, the practical-me won out, and I buckled down to clean, sort and organize.  The results at the end of a long day were amazing – even all the kids noticed and complimented me on the transformation in our bedroom.  I would have taken pictures, but my prideful self is far too embarrassed to show you the “before”.  Trust me, though, the difference was profound!

So satisfying was the outcome, in fact, that I even remarked to myself that the stay-home-and-clean option was in fact far better than the go-do-something-fun temptation.


I suppose great lessons and insights could be pulled from my realization and experience.  I could quote scriptural passages about the importance of finding contentment and satisfaction in our duties and responsibilities.  Verses from Proverbs 31 might champion my mature decision and commitment to being a good keeper of our home.  Even proper stewardship of time and resources modeled to my children could be commended.

But in all reality, sometimes we just have to buckle down and do the dirty work that we’ve been avoiding for far too long.  It isn’t fun, glamorous, interesting or exciting.  It is often time consuming and quite boring.  But it must be done.

And as you complete those dreaded tasks, you might, as I did, experience great relief and freedom when what you’ve been avoiding is behind you.  Sometimes what vies so loudly for our attention, drowns out what truly must be attended to.  I guess there’s a lesson to learned in there after all.  Come next Saturday, I’ll have to let you know just how well it sunk in!

What about you?  What long-ignored tasks have you been avoiding?  What must you attend to this weekend, even if it means the animated calls beckoning you to have fun must be put off?