“Messy: God Likes it That Way” Book Review

I'm a mom. In fact, I'm a mom of ten kids. Yes, ten. You might think a mom of ten kids would be naturally accepting, even if by default, of disorder and messiness. You might think so, but you'd be wrong. Although I can usually put up with a little mess for awhile, eventually a pile of legos, stray school books, or a growing pile of papers on my desk puts me over the top. And from that … [Read more...]

God on my Doorstep

God showed up on my doorstep early Sunday night. He stood outside the door for quite awhile, unsure whether to come in, or just run away. God had stringy, sweaty blond hair that surrounded her dirty, chubby, cherubic face. Tears rolled down her face, sobs convulsed through her body. "Hi there sweetie," I said, looking around for an adult who was accompanying this beautiful … [Read more...]

The Church: One Great Murmuration for Christ

The European Starling is a small to medium-sized bird without any particularly interesting or inspiring features.  It, in fact, is most frequently referred to as the Common Starling.  But, when these Common Starlings join together in flocks, numbering in the millions, something magically beautiful transpires.  The flocks, known also as murmurations, fly together in tight formation, … [Read more...]

Changing the Face of Church Volunteers

Visit most churches on any given Sunday, and you will most likely hear one universal refrain.  No, it isn't the Lord's Prayer, nor the Apostle's Creed.  It's the appeal for volunteers.  Whether it's in the church office, toddler nursery, Sunday School rooms, children's church, custodial work, hospitality center, outreach team or potluck committee, it seems churches are always needing and … [Read more...]