God…Out of the Box

God is the Ultimate Paradox and the embodiment of tension.  He is fully knowable, and yet beyond our comprehension.  We are designed by God to know and connect with Him. While our language may fail to describe or name God, our soul leaps, our mind is stirred and our spirit recognizes God's very presence and guidance. All of creation expresses God, but like a single piccolo attempting to … [Read more...]

Fire-breathing dragons

Our five year old boys have amazing and wild imaginations.  Josiah in particular is usually a different animal every day.  For several days he was a "Little Panda" and wouldn't respond to being called anything but that.  On Friday Josiah chose all green clothes because he was a turtle.  On Saturday he was a bear, and as we walked around the block to my in-laws, he bear crawled across the … [Read more...]