Exciting opportunity

Six weeks ago I applied to  a summer writing institute for pastors who want to incorporate writing into their ministry.  I really had no idea how much of a chance I would have at getting in.  The workshop was accepting applications from around the nation - and only 12 people would be selected.  But I figured I couldn't get accepted if I didn't try, and filled out my application.  Since … [Read more...]

You alone

"Lord, keep my eyes fixed on You alone." "Lord, keep my eyes fixed on You alone." "Lord, keep my eyes fixed on You alone." That short little prayer has been on my heart and mind all day.  It represents the cry and chorus of my life.  But as tomorrow afternoon comes ever closer, it is reaching crescendo levels. Have you ever stood on the threshold of something significant...something … [Read more...]

What if…

What if we were to judge someone's capabilities, not on their gender, but on their gifting and abilities?  What if we first considered how they could best be utilized by the Lord to build His Kingdom, instead of whether they are male or female?   What if we recognized that, after all, all Spiritual Gifts come from the Father?  What if we asked ourselves whether God would … [Read more...]

Standing on the toilet seat

Curious about the banging that was coming from the bathroom, I glanced up just in time to see Kia climbing on top of the toilet seat.  Steadying himself, he jumped up and forward, reaching and straining for something.  As soon as he landed, he climbed up again.  And then again.  Just as I was about to intervene, sure that he was going to end up in the toilet, or crashed on the floor, I … [Read more...]

I can fly

Earlier this week we were looking at dreaming dreams and then making them happen (Are you dreaming? and Don't just think about it!).  And perhaps some of you were encouraged to brush off those dusty dreams, and even to take some initial steps to make them happen. But I know some dreams just seem impossibly unreachable.  We've recently celebrated our girls finally coming home from Haiti … [Read more...]