Responding to the Knock

The stores have been selling Christmas goods since October. Outdoor Christmas lights have been strung and lit since November. Christmas music has been played and Christmas trees decorated since the start of December. Months of preparation and planning for a single day. And finally, Christmas itself has arrived. The long-awaited holiday that shapes our spending, our celebrating, and … [Read more...]

Rethinking Halloween

The front door opened and out bolted ten excited children dressed in a variety of costumes and disguises.  They quickly loaded into the van, eager to line up and participate in the July 4th parade commemorating Bayview, Idaho's centennial year.  Marching at the start of the parade meant each child had a chance to line the streets at the end of the parade route, to enjoy the remainder of … [Read more...]

Sleepovers at Nana’s

Our house has been rather quiet the past two nights.  The bedrooms have been empty.  The bedtime routine has been simplified.  This weekend the kids have been taking turns having a sleepover at Nana's house. Two nights ago all six girls packed their sleeping bags, PJs, toothbrushes, and clean clothes and paraded around the block, excited and ready for the big sleepover.  A couple … [Read more...]

Conquering death – changing lives

"Living He loved me - Dying He saved me - Buried He carried my sins far away - Rising He justified freely forever - One day He's coming - O glorious day!" Until that glorious day comes, we can yet celebrate that He is alive and lives even today.  He is risen - He is risen indeed!  Death could not hold our Saviour and so we rejoice and follow a living God. But His resurrection is … [Read more...]

Leaving a glitter trail

I was hardly inside the front door when I first noticed them.  As I took off my jacket, the colorful sparkles again caught my eye, and I visually followed a trail all the way around the entire living room.  Glitter!  What mother doesn't both love and cringe at the thought of glitter?!  Even though they now were laying down for an afternoon rest, I knew immediately that Kia and Josiah had … [Read more...]