Why men shouldn’t be ordained

This has been a tough week for me. I've shed a lot of tears, said many prayers, and tried through it all, to keep my eyes focused on the Lord and what He would have me do. You see, I've been involved with discussions about the topic of whether and how women can serve/lead in ministry.  This is a really challenging topic - and something far bigger than me for sure.  The discussions … [Read more...]

Friday night fun at the Marble’s

If you've ever thought that having ten kids must be all work and no play, think again! Friday nights are typically movie nights around here, but I think now we've found something even better! Friday nights (and well, let's face it, many other nights) are going to become Wii "Just Dance" nights! With couches pushed back, we all joined in the fun for the Indian/Bollywood "Katti … [Read more...]

Good for the soul

Ever get overwhelmed with a looming "to do" list that seems impossible, given the numbers of hours in your week?  That's how I've been feeling this week, particularly as I battle a sinus infection that won't subside.  So with a tired, slightly-stressed brain, I found this little video particularly enjoyable.  Laughter is indeed good for the soul.  I especially like this quote from Jean … [Read more...]

It’s the little things…

It's the little things in life that you come to miss when you're away.  As much as we tend to focus on the big things in times of stress and anxiety, it truly is the small details that make life such a joy.  Here are a few snippets from the day: Literally five minutes after leaving the last rest stop, one of the five year olds just had to go.  We pulled off on the next exit for him to … [Read more...]

Having fun with tithing

I love when a church community is willing to have fun, laugh and be playful.  Friedman states in his book A Failure of Nerve that the inability to be playful is a definite sign of a chronically-anxious system.  Unfortunately, an awful lot of churches would fall into that designation.  But, here's a great example of a church willing to address a historically challenging topic with some … [Read more...]