Shivering with (temporary) cold

After a hot meal, a large hot coffee, and a ride in a car with the heat turned up, I was starting to unthaw.  Sitting here now on a comfortable bed under several warm blankets, wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt, I'm finally feeling warm.  How did I get so cold? Well, according to Darrel, a gentleman I met tonight, it's because no women are warm-blooded.  Personally speaking, I'd have … [Read more...]

Guest blogger: Embracing my purpose

In the spirit of dreaming dreams and making them happen, today's guest blog post is written by our oldest daughter, Mariyana.  We are honored to watch her mature into a godly young woman, and particularly excited for her to be embracing her dream of going on a mission.  I think you'll really sense her heart and passion in her post, and would encourage you to consider supporting her in … [Read more...]