Rethinking Halloween

The front door opened and out bolted ten excited children dressed in a variety of costumes and disguises.  They quickly loaded into the van, eager to line up and participate in the July 4th parade commemorating Bayview, Idaho's centennial year.  Marching at the start of the parade meant each child had a chance to line the streets at the end of the parade route, to enjoy the remainder of … [Read more...]

A perfect plan & a tree

It seemed like a perfect plan at the time.  An icicle, almost 3 feet in length, dangled perilously from the gutter, directly above the sidewalk.  I could just picture it crashing down, at just the "right" time, when someone was standing underneath.  That icicle was a problem, and I came up with a great solution.  Or so I thought. Looking around for something to knock it down with, I … [Read more...]