Ok, that was a little funny

I admit it - sometimes I can be a little slow.  Take yesterday for example.  My six daughters, mother-in-law and myself drove down to Gillette WY.  I was the speaker at the High Plains Community Church Victorian Tea which was held today (April 16th).  We drove down on Friday and upon arriving into town, immediately went out to the church.  After getting a tour of the beautiful facility … [Read more...]

Relying on God

It started last night.  The sniffles, chills, achy, exhausted feeling.  It continued into today, despite sleeping in and taking a three hour nap.  Ear ache, headache and really sore throat.  Sure, my seminary face-to-face classes are done, but I'm supposed to speak tomorrow at a women's event.  It's something that's been planned since last fall.  And I'm thrilled to have the … [Read more...]