Finding vital connections in road construction zones

Even though the calendar declares we're still solidly in the middle of winter, I doubt I'm the only one dreaming of carefree, adventurous summer road trips. Driving on the open road instills a sense of freedom and escape, not easily recreated when we're homebound during cold, snowy winter months. During previous summers I have found myself behind the wheel - driving to Mt. Rushmore, … [Read more...]

When cats get hit

Monday morning as I drove into Portland to attend seminary classes, I noticed a car pulled off on the side of the road.  As I drove by, the driver hurriedly got out of her car, and then I noticed it.  Lying a few feet in front of her tire was a cat, struggling to get to its feet.  It had obviously been hit accidentally by the driver.  I don't know what ended up happening to that cat. … [Read more...]

Getting poked

As I settled into the bed last night at the hotel, looking forward to a great night's sleep before the big day of Ministry Assessment, something about my pillow didn't feel quite right.  At first I couldn't figure out what was wrong.  Trouble with pillows is hardly something new - it's actually quite normal.  I'm a rather picky-pillow-person. I usually go through several pillows every … [Read more...]

Actually, today was the day

So you know how yesterday we celebrated our girls being "finally home"?  Well, it was sort of a lie.  Just a little white lie.  But yea - it was a lie. Yes, they arrived in Billings to cheers and tears.  And yes, we were finally together as a family.  And yes, all the waiting had finally come to an end.  But we didn't make it home. Don't get me wrong - that was our intention!  Just 225 … [Read more...]

A look back at 2010

  With 2011 suddenly upon us, I want to take a moment to pause and look back at 2010.  It's been an extremely momentous and special year in the life of our family.  As John and I were discussing the coming year, and the fact that for both of us, it is our last year in our 30s, he said, "But I feel like we're just starting to really live."  Well said indeed.  So, here's a glance back … [Read more...]