United again!

Ah it's great to be home (well, actually I'm still in Billings for the night - but our family is at least all back together). There's nothing like being greeted by 10 big hugs from excited kids, each carrying a flower stem.  And I certainly missed all the silly little comments and jokes.  Here's a few highlights from tonight: Josiah (wearing panda ears he received at a store today) … [Read more...]

A day in the life

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall?  To just sit back and observe without being noticed?  Based on questions we often are asked, there seems to be a great fascination and interest in being a fly on our wall to see what a typical day looks like at our house.  So I've jotted down a few highlights from throughout today to give you a little sneak peak in a day in the life of the … [Read more...]

Spoiling the Surprise

I have spent some time this week sorting through old posts and notes I've written over the past year before I had a blog.  I wrote this post February 14, 2010, and although it's a little out of date - it seems rather apropos considering some of the gifts from our 10 kids that found their way underneath our Christmas tree this year!  I am constantly reminded to appreciate and love our … [Read more...]