What do you want me to do for you?

Imagine if Jesus came to you and asked, “What do you want me to do for you?” What would you answer? How would you respond? Would you have to pause and think about it? Would you need to get back to him? Or would you immediately know? Would your response come easily? Would the answer be the very thing you’ve been praying about for weeks - months - years - or even decades? In the story … [Read more...]

Imagining God

I catch the glimmer in his eye as he beckons me closer.  A smile spreads across his face as I take a step, first one, then another, and draw near.  For a moment I pause, questioning where we are going and even where we exactly are.  The landscape is daunting, unfamiliar and challenging.  "Come," he motions, sweeping his arm in the direction of an ill-defined trail winding itself up an … [Read more...]

Time to rest

It has indeed been a great weekend of refreshment and renewal.  My heart has been encouraged and my desire for God grown.  And yet at the same time, Monday morning is quickly approaching, and all of the things I usually accomplish over the weekend remains undone.  I cannot do anything more tonight, and must now rest.  Feeling overwhelmed with everything that must be completed over the … [Read more...]

Living in the sweet spot

Ah, the joys of summer!  Backyard BBQs, hide-and-seek in the dark, camping trips and softball.  Growing up, no summer was really complete without softball. I have great memories of playing catch in the front yard, city league teams which my dad coached, and playing shortstop in the cool summer nights.  None of those memories, though, could ever surpass that feeling of hitting a line … [Read more...]

Exciting opportunity

Six weeks ago I applied to  a summer writing institute for pastors who want to incorporate writing into their ministry.  I really had no idea how much of a chance I would have at getting in.  The workshop was accepting applications from around the nation - and only 12 people would be selected.  But I figured I couldn't get accepted if I didn't try, and filled out my application.  Since … [Read more...]