Details, details

How well do you pay attention to details around you?  Do you consider yourself a highly observant person?  Here’s a little test to see just how observant you really are:

How well did you do?  Were you surprised by the results?  If you’re like most people, you didn’t score well on that “Awareness Test”.  Your results are caused by something called inattentional blindness.  Take a look at a rather humorous example of this:

As entertaining and surprising as these videos are, they also point to a somewhat disturbing truth.  We can only perceive what we pay attention to.  And while that truth does indeed have humorous outcomes, it also has interesting implications for our spiritual lives.  What might you be blind to right now about your faith journey?  What are you not paying attention to, and therefore blind about?  What details might you be missing?  If you were to refocus on another aspect of your relationship with God – what might you suddenly perceive?