I walked where you led
There were times I knew not my direction.
Times I faced a dead end
And questioned where I’d gone wrong,
And yet I walked.
And then appeared a path.
What once was hidden from sight
Now was clear to see.
The way meandered and bid me to follow
Turning upon itself, direction changing
I neared the center.
But the path turned abruptly and led me away
I questioned continuing
But persevered out of obedience.
The cross, formerly unseen,
Became clear.
It beckoned
And required me to abandon my polished self
Amongst the jagged, rough edges.
With each measured step
“Your gentleness makes me great”
Became my very breath.
Teetering on the edge of the abyss
My eyes raised to the heavens,
“Your gentleness makes me great.”
Gnarled branches and twigs,
Hailstones and ice
Intermingled with new growth daring to show itself.
My life reflected in the cyclical cacophony of nature.
I walked where you led
And the path led to the center.
There you waited and yet you walked beside.
“Breathe deeply of me” stirs my soul.
Abide as I abide.
Abide and go forth.
Go forth in joy.
Joy made complete.