Possible signs your tree is big…

1.  The tree must be pulled over by 10 kids and 2 adults while a 3rd adult saws it.

2.  More of the tree hangs OUT of the back of a full-size pickup than is IN it.

3.  The tree requires a remodel of the front doors to even get it in the house.

4.  An army is necessary to drag the tree inside.

5.  Even with the remodel, the tree still barely fits through the 5′ double doors.

6.  The tree and ceiling must be measured to determine if it will fit.

7.  The 20′ tree needs a little trimming to fit a 17′ ceiling.

8.  A special tree stand must be manufactured to hold the tree.

9.  The top of the tree has to be pre-loaded with lights and ornaments because there is no way to put them on once it’s stood up.

10.  A 10′ ladder looks like a step-ladder next to the tree.

11.  Four strands of lights don’t cover half the tree.

More to follow…stay tuned!