That’s just how the Marbles roll…

Ah…a weekend.  A wonderful time to relax, unwind, catch up and prepare for the coming week.  The less on the schedule the better.  The more downtime the better.

Unless you’re a Marble.  By 8 AM this morning John and I decided we were already bored.  I originally had planned to head to Billings for a quick getaway with my mother-in-law, but freezing rain and blowing snow demanded those plans be cancelled.  Sure, with both of John and I in grad school we had plenty of schoolwork to do.  And there’s always catching up on rest and relaxation, laundry and cleaning, and time together as a family.  But even with all that factored in, the weekend was looking a little B-O-R-I-N-G!

So what’s a Marble to do?  That’s simple – Finalize plans for a sunroom addition.  And start a bathroom addition in the old laundry room.  The bathroom had to first be designed, and then the concrete floor had to be jackhammered out for drain lines.  So as Saturday night draws to a close, our bathroom addition is well underway.  And considering we have 12 people in the house and only 2 bathrooms – that may be a good thing!

Everybody always tells us, “I bet there’s never a boring moment at your house!”  And they’re mostly right…but whenever those boring moments do come along – well, then it’s probably time to grab a jackhammer and start a new remodel project!