That’s not a gift?!

After an entire weekend dedicated to assessing, reflecting on and discussing my personality and ministry profile, I only had one rather unpleasant surprise…

When it comes to the DISC Personal Discernment Inventory, I am a high (off the chart) D, also known as a lion.  My spiritual gifts include faith, evangelism, exhortation and teaching.  I am a designer, planter, next stepper and presidential player.  And all of those are meaningful and beneficial for me to understand my strengths, and weaknesses.  But I still have a quibble.

All throughout the weekend, I waited excitedly to hear about this issue.  As the weekend wore on, I figured it was just a matter of time.  But then the weekend came to a close, and not one mention of this topic came up.  Surely something was missed or forgotten, I reasoned.  How could such a gift be overlooked?

As I looked through all our materials, I had to come to a sad conclusion.  Nothing had been skipped.  Nothing had been missed.  This gift wasn’t mentioned…not even once.  Here I thought my greatest strength would be front-and-center, and yet, no one even uttered the word.

So, if you’re at all like me, please learn from my disappointing experience.  No matter how much you think this is a spiritual gift, it isn’t.  No matter how you excel at this, it doesn’t matter when it comes to personality and ministry assessments.  Apparently it isn’t valued by today’s society.  I know it’ll be a bitter pill to swallow, but do the best you can, like I’ve had to.

Because when it comes right down to it, there is no spiritual gift of orneriness.