This is me

I don’t normally cry very much. Well, that isn’t exactly true. I was always the kid that cried during the Hallmark and Kleenex commercials, and could never make it through any of the Christmas cartoon specials like Frosty, Rudolph and Charlie Brown. Even at 38, I can’t make it through those Christmas cartoons dry-eyed.

I’ve “matured” a little since then, I think. But I’ve got to tell you – when we studied the book of Amos in seminary, I was moved. I was impacted. I cried – several times. (The dried teardrops are there in my Bible as proof!) And so today, as I’m reading “Personality Type and Religious Leadership” for Spiritual Formation, I am moved to tears yet again.

You see, I’m an INTJ. There aren’t many of us in this world (which is probably a blessing in disguise from God!), and even fewer women INTJs. That makes me a rather “odd duck” in this world, and I’m ok with that. At any rate, this is what I read this morning which impacted me so much. It probably won’t affect you, but maybe it’ll help you understand me.

“[NTs] will press parishioners hard on social justice and social consciousness issues. What distinguishes NT clergy from the other three clergy temperaments is their preference for justice over mercy. The prophet Amos embodies the NT approach to religion. Injustice is an abomination to God and must be attacked no matter who it offends. Because of their strong beliefs, NT clergy often feel like aliens among their peers and their congregations. Few clergy feel injustice, dishonesty and mediocrity as powerfully as do NT clergy.”